Rising Wolf S35VN

The Rising Wolf is a Small Hunter that is part of Our Deluxe Game Series. This New Version of the Rising Wolf has a total New Look and is an Upgrade from the First Production of this Model. We have Upgraded the Steel to “Crucible’s New S35VN Super Stainless Steel”. The Enhanced Edge Holding and added Corrosion Resistance are true benefits to this Compact Hunter. We have added the Lanyard Extension and all of the Rising Wolf’s of this Run will have a Stainless Steel Bolster Set and Corby Bolts to make a pretty indestructible package. The handle height and Contour has been Slightly enlarged for More comfort in Sustained Use. The blade is also a little Taller to give a better angle of attack to the Work. The New Rising Wolf is not only Appealing to the eye it is a Solid Performer in the Field.

Personal Note From Mike:

“I know most of You thought that the Rising Wolf was really dedicated to that “Ghost of the Forest – the Grey Wolf”. It is Actually Not. It is much more than that to My Family. Lesley’s Family has it’s roots in Montana. Her Dad, Kieth, Was Raised in Montana and spent every summer in Glacier Park in Western Montana. He got to know the Blackfoot and even some of the Canadian Pekuni Nation. They showed Him the Real Mountain Trails; Two Medicine, Trick Falls, Logan’s Pass, and Rising Wolf Mountain. He learned of Lakes that Trout steamed out of the waters and were easily take on a fly line in a canoe. He shared all of that with us while we all together were in Montana. I found it all so very humbling.

Here is Rising Wolf Mountain – Overlooking Two Medicine Lake.

The Mountain was originally Called “Mahkuyi-opuahsin”, meaning “The way the wolf gets up” by the Blackfeet. It was later Officially named Rising Wolf to Honor a Trader named Hugh Monroe who was given the name Rising Wolf by the Pekunis that he lived most of his life with.

Rising Wolf was Kieth’s Place of Solitude. In his later years he talked about it a lot more than when I met Him 36 Years ago.

Kieth Passed February 25th 2012. His Ashes have been spread over Rising Wolf. As He Requested. This Knife is Dedicated to Him.”

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Blade Length

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