City Knife

Bark River Knives ‘City Knife’ is not actually a new design. This is a new adaptation of a fixed blade City Knife that was initially designed by Bob Loveless for his Japanese Market (in the early 1990s) but was never put into production by his Japanese makers. Bob was actually thought of as being almost godlike in Japan in their Knife Circles. The story as to why this knife was never put into production was never fully explained to Mike Stewart. One of the Japanese makers gave Mike the original knife with grey composite handles. He knew that it was a great knife but Mike never did anything with it either. Knowing it was a great knife Mike Stewart felt it needed a little something more to be the knife he envisioned it to be. Mike made a scale drawing for his files and didn’t look at it for years. Mike Stewart did end up selling the original (Unmarked) knife to his good friend Bill Adams who then re-sold it at a show or on e-bay. That knife is still out there somewhere.

Derrick of KSF asked Mike to make him a compact EDC, that’s when Mr. Stewart remembered he still had the drawing. After pulling the design out of the records he went over the design again a couple of times. With collaboration from Travis – our Engineer at Precision Plus – They realized that the profile of the handle behind the blade on the bottom was just not speaking Loveless. They added a small finger indent and it all came together.

The Bark River City Knife is the result of this long journey.

The City Knife is supplied with the New KSF Leather City Knife Pocket Sheath made by Sharpshooter Sheath Systems.

Overall Length

Blade Length



Blade Thickness



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